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The Medical Billing and Management Experts!


Hello and welcome to Complete Medical Billing Solutions! Our company specializes in assisting a variety of medical practices that seek solutions for their current claims and office management needs. For physician groups of all specialties, billing and management is often the single most critical department to the financial success of the business. However the reality is, in an ever-changing health care environment, internal billing arrangements can often be problematic for many medical practices as employing, managing, educating and motivating the necessary support staff can become a large financial obligation and liability. If the internal staff can’t collect maximum reimbursements consistently, as well as aid in the future growth and forecasting of the business itself, the business can't reach its full potential. This is where CMBS comes in.

Our company prides itself on being able to handle everything involved in running day-to-day operations for our clients, from start to finish. By billing with industry-leading collection results in a timely, ethical, and compliant manner, we allow physicians to focus on quality patient care while we take care of the rest. CMBS employs only the most highly trained individuals that have proven track records of exceptional success with an average 27 years of medical billing/management experience across our entire team. We then motivate our staff with generous compensation and benefit packages. In addition, we strongly believe in giving back to our community, and our business and staff participates in a wide variety of philanthropic projects every year. The reason: we believe that financially incentivized employees, supported by a culture that emphasizes outstanding service to our clients and communities, will simply outperform the industry. This core belief is confirmed by our performance.

We have a lengthy track record of helping different types of medical practices get off the ground quickly and grow into highly successful, multi-million dollar enterprises. We have also stepped in to turn around struggling companies, providing the expertise necessary to avoid bankruptcy and become extremely profitable companies. And we are helping already successful physician groups become even more profitable with our focus on continuous improvement and performance excellence. Simply put, by standing with our clients from start to finish with a proven track record of success, CMBS has become the preferred choice in the medical billing field.

As more and more billing agencies continue to pop up, it seems they all claim to be the best. You shouldn't take their word for it, nor should you simply take ours. Speak with the dozens of satisfied physicians we have helped throughout the years and let them tell you how their companies and lives have been changed for the better since teaming up with CMBS. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you or your group become as successful as possible.

Randy Hulek
President, CMBS



Our company uses a state-of-the-art billing software program capable of billing for any medical specialty, anywhere in the United States. Originally designed by anesthesiologists and CPAs to handle the complicated claims processing needs for anesthesia and pain management specialties, it simultaneously provides 100% transparency for our clients. The software gives us the ability to take total control of accounts payable and receivable in real-time. The customizable interface is built to handle the constantly changing formatting requirements for individual payers and different physician specialties, while establishing internal safeguards to eliminate errors and improve cash flows. In depth reporting functionality can then be used to produce the critical reports needed to help our clients know what is happening with their business today and where it is headed in the future. The combination of these tools, in a proven software package, helps our staff and our clients adapt to changes quickly, effectively and proactively.



Medical billing for various practice specialties gets more challenging by the day due to constant changes in billing requirements and various economic aspects. Simply having an exceptional software program is not enough to deliver maximum results. The billing team must have the resources, experience, education and technical proficiency needed to maximize the capabilities of that billing software to its fullest potential. Complete Medical Billing Solutions' experienced billing team is staffed with professionals from a variety of different billing and practice management backgrounds with an average 27 years of medical billing experience! Upper management is actively involved on a daily basis and takes a hands-on approach to overseeing the entire billing process.


The Winning Formula

Our industry-leading collection rates and proven track record of success is the result of many critical factors. By matching a state-of-the-art software program to the most experienced and motivated medical billing and management individuals, we establish the tools to be successful. Upper management is involved in all phases of the daily billing process, from claim entry to the final posting of payments, ensuring that each client is treated like our only client. Our culture of innovation constantly strives to find better ways to maximize client revenue and profits by merging our technology and experience together to deliver unparalleled results for today and into the future. Our formula for success speaks for itself: an industry-leading 95%+ claim recovery rate for all our clients to date.




We Offer the Following Services for Established Practices:

• Medical Billing
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Accounts Payable Management
• Electronic/Paper Claims
• Appeals on Incorrect Payments
• Diagnosis Coding
• Collections
• Experienced Telephone Support
• Monthly Report Analysis
• Auditing Billing Procedures
• Assistance in Insurance Negotiations
• Assistance in Hospital Negotiations
• HIPPA Compliance Management
• Fee Schedule Development
• Payroll Services
• Consulting Services
• Electronic Data Management/Backup


And For Start-ups:

• Accounts Payable Management
• Accounts Receivable Management
• Establish Bank Accounts/Credit Lines
• Enroll Employees in Insurance
• Pension Account Establishment
• Obtain Tax ID Numbers and Corporate Documents
• Develop Policy/Procedure Manuals
• Insurance Credentialing
• Establish Malpractice Insurance



At CMBS, we believe that taking care of our employees and the communities we live and work in is an integral part of being successful. A key aspect of our corporate culture is that we give back to our local communities. Our company supports a variety of charitable organizations and community development projects, and we encourage our employees to do the same.

CMBS and its employees support the following charities:

  • Penn State University
  • Penn State Alumni Association
  • Penn State Dance Marathon
  • Penn State Varsity Sports
  • Centre County Breast Cancer Coalition
  • Centre County Women's Resource
  • Center Volunteers In Medicine
  • Centre Life Link
  • Centre Peace
  • Central PA 4th Fest
  • Centre Region Park & Recreation
  • Centre Soccer Association
  • Centre County Fuel Bank
  • Centre County Housing Transitions
  • State College High School Football
  • State College High School Varsity Sports
  • State College High School Basketball Booster Club
  • State College High School Girls Softball
  • State College Elks Christmas Charity
  • State College Elks Course Improvement
  • State College Elks Food Bank
  • State College Elks Home Nursing Charity Golf tournament Sponsor
  • State College Food Bank
  • The Red Cross
  • Susan Komen Foundation
  • Gerri Reeves Breast Cancer Golf Tournament Sponsor
  • Fairbrook First Steps Preschool
  • Firemans Association of PA
  • Kiwanis
  • Nittany Knights
  • Paralized Veterans of America
  • Association For Homeless & Disabled Vets
  • The Rockey Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Girl Scouts of America
  • Bald Eagle Power Squadron


About Us

Complete Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. is a family owned and operated medical billing and practice management company located in State College, PA. The majority of our staff have lived, raised families and worked here within the healthcare industry we’ve served for decades. That long-standing history has helped foster a network of positive relationships with the very best professionals across a variety of industries, including corporate attorneys, CPAs, financial institutions, insurance representatives, medical professionals, and more.

As a business, we take tremendous pride in our core values of: supporting our clients 110% in everything we do, rewarding our exceptional staff and treating them like family, and a strong belief in giving back to the local community and industry that we work in.

Boasting a combined 45 years of experience in managing a diverse set of practices, we also have an average of 27 years of experience in medical billing/management across our entire staff. This depth of knowledge enables us to be a true industry leader in experience and our industry-leading results, year after year, prove what we can do for our clients.

Due to the diverse experience of our dedicated staff, we have a thorough knowledge of a wide range of specialty areas, including Anesthesia, Pain Management, OBGYN, Hospital, Facility, Primary Care, Surgical, Chiropractic, and DME billing. We currently facilitate the success of several medical practices, which have annually made record profits since teaming up with CMBS.

As a highly organized, motivated, and efficient business, we demand perfection and accept nothing less. With a proven track record of success in helping new start-up businesses, recovering failing business, or making already strong companies more profitable, we can improve any specialty practice under any situation, anywhere within the United States. We truly believe that when a client does well, we do well, and in turn the community does well...and we put everything we have behind every client to insure them maximum success. We'll make the same commitment to you.



Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at any of the methods listed below.




3945 S. Atherton St, Suite A
State College, PA. 16801

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